Saturday, August 25, 2012

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July 19, 2012, 12:33pm

Our boys played hard and did the best they could in this game but we this game showed where we, UMBBT, are at present. We are still not quite a "champions" team yet. 

UM lost 67-50 to USM in a game that really showed where we are at present - not quite dominant or great but still very good defense, great ball handling / dribble penetration attack but sorely lacking at perimeter shooting and free throw shooting. 

Next year, our players will have to make a bigger and stronger commitment than they did this year, throughout the year, for us to achieve "champions team" level. 

I believe our players can do it. They just have to commit to "winning", "commitment" and "teamwork" and to "be outstanding" in all they do.

We will be back next year .. stronger and better.

Thanks for all the support.

Cheers and signing off from Batu Pahat. Coach LY.

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July 19, 2012, 9:26am

Our UM boys warming up for our 3rd/4th placing game vs USM. Will update later.

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July 18, 2012, 8:10pm

Sad to report we fell short in our campaign this year. We just lost our Semi Finals game vs UITM. Final score : 71-69. 

For the 1st time, we didn't start the game well. Perhaps it was the quick turnaround. Perhaps it was UITM's under the basket affecting our dribble penetration finish ... whatever the reason, our intensity was not what it usually is and we played at a pace that was "down" and totally in UITM's favor. 

Although we managed to finish the 1st quarter tied (15-15), the game flow was totally in UITM's favor. 

In the 2nd half, the game flow continued to go more and more in UITM's favor. We only managed to score 6 points in the 2nd quarter whilst giving up 19 points, to trail 21-34 at half time.

At our coaches urging, our players start to play with more "activity" and "intensity" but still no where near our "UM basketball" standard. We also went to our 3/4 court zone press but had limited success, whilst the scored whenever we didn't manage to cause a turnover. We won the 3rd quarter narrowly (22-18) and pulled within 43-52.

They opened the 4th quarter with a few scores and pulled our to another 14 or 15 point lead. But finally, after going to our 20 man-to-man press defense with high intensity, we finally started playing UMBBT basketball and the come back was on. In the closing minutes we drew within 1 or 2 points and even tied it at 67-67. But a few costly fouls and clutch free throws by UITM and our inability to foul quickly to stop the clock (we were trying but were playing 4 on 5 with Irfan having just made a great dribble penetration to draw us within 69-70, but fallen down outside the court with cramps).

We finally manage to foul but with only 3.2 seconds left. UITM made 1 free throw and missed the 2nd. We got the rebound and Jack tried to dribble penetrate in the hope of drawing a foul (at my prior instructions) but time ran out on us and no foul was called.

We came very close but on an honest assessment, this team, despite great strides and growth over the last 4 days, is still not quite a "Champions" team yet. We have one more game tomorrow vs USM to try to reach "champions" team level but will have to work harder and show even more commitment next year for a chance at the championship.

Thanks for all the support. We have one more game tomorrow 9:30am.

Cheers, Coach LY.
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July 18, 2012, 5:04pm

Our UM boys warming up for our Semi Finals game against UITM. UITM retuning most of their original players except Arif (very quick guard). Both Saiful (panjang) and big Ayie still on the team. 

We are ready. Will focus on our strengths. Need to coach now. 

Will update later. Coach LY.

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July 18, 2012, 10:15am

UM played another OUTSTANDING game just now. We started out with GREAT 21 defense and great attacking offense with excellent dribble penetrations by Irfan and Jack. UMP had 2 fouls on the 1st possession and a 3rd foul on their 2nd possession. On the next 4 or 5 possessions we drew fouls on almost every possession. UMP were in red flag after just 2 minutes. 

Meantime our defense denied them any good looks and we jumped out to an early 9-2 lead. From there we continued to maintain our great defense and steadily pulled away. By half time we had a 44-28 lead. 

In the 3rd we pushed the lead up to 18 or 20 but with their 3 point shooting, UMP could not be taken lightly. Time and again they pulled within 15 or 12 and even 11 but each time we answered and pulled the lead slowly back out again. 

That became the "game flow". They would struggle against our defense, we would steadily score and pull slowly away, they would hit a few big 3 point shots and pull close again. However they never managed to bring our lead down to single digit. On the last occasion they brought the lead down to 12, we answered with two 3 point shots in quick succession (by Heng and Max) and pulled it out to 18 points again. That finally broke their spirit and we were able to coast from there.

Final score : 77-54.

UM is back in the Semi Finals! We now have a quick turnaround and our Sem-Finals is 5pm today vs either UITM or UIAM who are now playing their QF game against each other (UITM leading 18-15).

This UM team is growing up and maturing right before our eyes!! Well done, UM!!

Cheers, Coach LY.

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July 18, 2012, 8:02am

Our UM boys warming up for their QF game against UMP. UMP has 3 players (with decent height / size) who can really shoot 3 pointers. Their half court offense is practically just to look for an open 3 point shot for one of these 3 players. At the same time, they have 2 very quick guards who will extend their zone out and press the ball handlers and who are extremely quick on breakout fast breaks. 

Our players have reviewed videos of UMP's play and are ready for the challenge. As we have done so far, we will focus on our defensive attack schemes and take them out of their offensive schemes and comfort zones. 

Need to focus on coaching now. Will update results later. 

Cheers, Coach LY.

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July 17, 2012, 11:26am

Our boys warming down after an outstanding performance. As expected, UTHM started out great, with high energy and spirit. They have great ball handling guards and a few forwards with big size. We matched their intensity throughout the 1st quarter but the converted just a few more hustle plays than us, finishing the 1st quarter, trailing 17-21. 

Our team maintained our composure, stayed confident and continued to play with high intensity, while pulling out our now famed 3/4 court press as well as mixing in our new man-to-man trap. We won the 2nd quarter 27-16 to take a 7 point lead at the half (44-37). 

We continued with our great defense (everyone!), great dribble penetration(Iran, Jack & Hau) and good shooting (Alex, Heng, Irfan) with our own "bigs" (Max, Teh, Heng & Raymond) holding
their own against UTHM's bigs. Raymond particularly stepped up and took the challenge of stopping their No. 13 (really BIG) and scoring for us as well.

In the 2nd half, UTHM no longer could stay with us and pulled steadily away. Final score : 96-61.

We are now through to the Quarter Finals and will play UMP, a very good outside shooting team, tomorrow morning at 8am.

Well done, UM!!

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July 17, 2012, 11:28am

Batu Pahat's best (and prettiest!) supporters .. our UM girls team!! Thanks for the great support!!! Cheers, Coach LY.

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July 17, 2012, 9:18am

Our UM boys warming up for our 3rd group match against home team UTHM. UTHM this year is a good team and played a fantastic, spirited game against UPM last night. Indeed, in many areas they outplayed UPM and throughout the game were the more aggressive team and had UPM on their heels all night. The only reason UPM won was their incredible 3-point shooting last night. 

We therefore do not take UTHM lightly and have prepared ourselves fully for this game. This is another opportunity for our this young, talented and high potential UM team to take their next step in their maturation process. We will strive to "Be Outstanding"!

Need to start coaching now. Stay tuned for results later. 

Cheers, Coach LY.

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July 16, 2012, 8:09am

UM boys have day off today. So we've found an outdoor court to get some practice in to further clean up a few things and improve our execution. Here, our players are warming up and getting ready (while Coach Tak Wing [in the background] is sweeping the court dry).